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About Tous Group Inc.

        Tous Group is a developing company with more than 20 years of experience in construction. We manage and develop innovative, design-driven developments on urban sites in Toronto. Through knowledge of the market, patterns of growth and planning criteria, we identify potential development opportunities and unlock their value through market-responsive strategies.

         The company focuses on innovation, performance in construction, and global trading. Tous Group Inc. is committed to building the highest quality commercials, residentials, and subdivisions and works with the top companies to make sure that the best design, sales, and construction is provided for the costumers.

About Reza Shamsipour

        Reza Shamsipour is the CEO and founder of TOUS GROUP DEVELOPMENT INC with more than ten years of experience in developing and managing commercial and residential constructions. Reza Shamsipour investment fund focused on investing in a balanced portfolio of high-quality commercial, subdivisions, and residential properties primarily in the Canadian urban markets. Also, Mr. Shamsipour invests in products with innovative investment solutions that offer the potential growth and returns of the world's equity markets.

The Trading Business

         TOUS GROUP INC is active in trading and ensuring that products come with the highest standards of quality to Canada. TOUS GROUP INC makes sure the safety standards are followed for every good and makes sure to import products into the country with these same safety standards.

        We're working hard to bring out our costumers the best deals available on the global market while not compromising on the quality of our services.

        We provide a range of products and services at a competitive price. If you are a buyer for a large enterprise or are looking to add inventory for your small to large-sized business, you've come to the right place.

The Trading Business in China

         We provide high quality solutions at competitive prices for imports from China and work with a company based in China that has its regulatory agency, Quality Control & Inspection services in China. All the products that we invest on should have Canada and US high standard of quality.

Service Features:


-Supply chain management

-Sourcing and provide direct leads to qualified factories

-Price negotiation to meet target costs

-Coordination and management of production and delivery times

-Container loading management

-Production and confirmation

-improve quality and develop product existing production in China

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